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Friday, 30 November 2012

week 28

Dear Reader

1.Ingrid-Public Housing expert. 2.Zama-Project manager. 3.Xolisani-LED Co-ordinater. 4.Akhona-Office admininstaror 6.Moegsien-Town Planner.  7.Nokukhanya-Development Officer 

1. Helen-Project manager. 2. Micheal-Construction Manager. 3. Nkanyezi- Intern. 4. Willard-Researcher 

Its been a planning week in the DAG universe. This week we had Strategic Planning Workshops for financial year 2013/2014. It was a drag however we have to get it done because without planning there cannot be any implementation, so it is important to plan ahead so that there wont be any unforeseen problems. Just like doing a Building Plan. First You look at the problem, then analyse the given, what You have to work with. Then have a strategy on how the problem will be solved there after discuss the options then decide on the final design. I learned a lot through those sessions. in order to have a smooth ride, you must make sure you cover all the comers cross the t's and dot the i's.

Friday, 9 November 2012

another week at DAG

Dear Reader.

The past few week/s have been hectic. Organizing a Ceremonial event: Launching A Case Study and Show casing the work of Unblocking the Khayelitsha PHP.
Getting Plans submitted to council at Stocks & Stocks in Khayelitsha.

The one thing i would like to share with you; is a submission of a particular plan.

Last week i was prioritising a plan of an elderly woman who was on her death bed. She had been waiting for over 20 years for a house from govt. to no avail. Trough our unblocking project she was able to speed up the process. We moved her up  the list because of her dire condition. We managed to submit her plan, after a lot of red tape. When I was relaxed, thinking that it will only be a few weeks until she will be in her brand new house, our Administrator told me that she had passed away, just when her house plan was submitted.

The building inspector had previously said we can continue with with the construction even though we don't have a plan but the he went back on his word and there was futher delay. This remimnded me again that this is not just about buildings but peoples lives.
I feel so bad about it.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

this is what has been happening both in the office and on site in Grabouw St Micheal's multigrade School.
We (as the 2nd years) designed a timber screen for the school. pity we where not there to see them experience the new addition to their school. i reckon our group did a splendid job. well-done to the 2nd year class of 2012.!!!

joe slovo park

netreg context


Friday, 21 September 2012

all in a days work...

Streetscape and one point perspective


LAD-Local Authority Drawing

Dear Reader

This week was hectic, we-DAG-have designed and internal approval system, which allows us to analyse the plans which will be sent for approval.
With all the red tape we have to go through when submitting plans, it can be very fruitful when we have partnerships with important role players in the industry. We managed to lobby a few officials (legally) to assist in the pre-approval stage as we ha a large number of plans to submit.
We have managed to secure a mutual relation with the Building Inspector whom we are very grateful of, this relationship made me realise the importance of liaising and lobbying community partners, academics and non governmental  organisation for pro-poor policy. We lobby for changes in policy and practice for equitable urban land use and management.

This is what i have been doing this week.

Friday, 14 September 2012

PHP Housing

Dear Reader
Work done during this week

This week we will have a beneficiary meeting on the 15 of September where some of our beneficiaries will be there.
the purpose of the meeting is to update beneficiaries w.r.t construction and any housing issues. then we are also planning a Ceremonial Event where we have invited 20 of our 2173 beneficiaries along with provincial officers, MEC of housing and other stake holders. The purpose of the Ceremonial Event, which will be on the 29Th of October is to 1. Launch the Case Study
                                      2. Market DAG's Unblocking Project
                                      3. Profile leadership program (LED)
So there is a lot of logistics being sorted out in order to manage any unforeseen risks and abuse of the platform.
The reason why I am mentioning this, is because, lately we have seen unruly behaviour in meeting concerning Public Housing, so we are hoping to cover all bases by making sure that the work we produce is not mediocre, which will then lead to confrontations by the community and a lack of response from the facilitator which will lead to answers being forced out of institutions such as DAG,
in event such as the ones I have mentioned above.

I guess we cannot all be happy, but if we all do our bit the tolerance prevails and unruly behaviour countered.
Hope there wont be any unruly behavior in the above mentioned events.

Friday, 7 September 2012

The threshold | Pro-Poor Policy

Dear Reader

Another week has passed, as well as another month.

This past week we began, after a long battle with the 'Red Tape', to process 118 out of 2173 house plans.
The hold back has been the normal 'pillar-to-post' type of operation from Provincial Government, Local Municipality, Surveyor Certificates and of course out sourced consultancy.

We as DAG have an agenda; to improve peoples live.

Case in point |
The mandate we received from Province was to Unblock a few Khayelitsha Housing Projects.
Essentially, our duty is to repair and/or construct 36 square meter public houses for 2173 beneficiaries.
Now, what happens if a beneficiary has a 40 square meter house?
Do we cut corners to be within budget? No we find alternatives.

Rather look at each beneficiary individually and address each unique case respectively.

There was an old lady who was bound on a wheel chair, she disparately needed an inside toilet in her house, which was 40 square meters big.

So do we ignore her 'unique' status quo  or construct a toilet in the inside?
Of course we construct the toilet inside, remember:
"We as DAG. have an agenda; to improve peoples lives"
this one of many plans to be processed so that beneficiaries may attain their own Title Deeds and be 'Homeowners'